Move around the Etruscan Coast

To move with all autonomy and discover the Etruscan Coast, you can avail of these services:

Taxi Services

Marco: 328 1698061

Roberto: 331 3104433

For information, the cost of the journey from Campiglia train station to Dolce Vita is approximately 10 euros.


Rent MTB & e-Bike

Bike Albatros

The rent is located inside the camping Park Albatros in San Vincenzo (Li), but deliveries are made directly to the facility of the booked bikes. It has numerous bicycles of all sizes, from the largest to children’s bikes, of various models: BMX, MTB, classic (Holland bikes), up to racing bikes and modern E-bikes.



Rent of MTB and e-Bike, but above all passionate guides who will be able to help you discover the area from unprecedented viewpoints. There is no shortage of specially built adrenaline slopes for sportspeople and enthusiasts, as well as a beautiful track built for challenging and fun sports such as downhill skiing.


Scooter and Bike Hire


Scooter and e-bike hire in Venturina Terme. They are available 7 days a week just 2 km from the facility.


Camping Pappasole

Pick-up and delivery service from your home.


Scooter and Motorbike Hire


The shop in San Vincenzo offers rental of Scooters and Motorcycles of various sizes with home delivery.

Bike Albatros

The hire offers you the possibility to rent scooters from 1 to 7 days. In the price section at the link, you can view the offers.



If you have any special requirements or curiosity, please do not hesitate to contact us via email or WhatsApp.



Ask for availability

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