Heartfelt Aperitifs

The ritual of the aperitif has become an unmissable appointment for our evenings.

We present our heartfelt selection of the best ones in the area!


Il Lago Verde

Distance from Dolce Vita: San Vincenzo 8 km – 10 minutes

Nestled in the Rimigliano Coastal Park, it is accessible from entrance No. 4.

A refreshment point with restroom facilities, showers, and a bar to enjoy the sea, it is consistently lively with excellent music and good company. They craft fantastic cocktails, platters, sandwiches, and tasty dishes in a relaxed environment suitable for everyone, including children and our four-legged friends. Surrounded by nature, they host evenings featuring DJ sets and live concerts throughout the entire summer season.


Bagno Baratti

Distance from Dolce Vita: Piombino 11 km – 14 minutes

Beach bar overlooking the center of the Gulf of Baratti. Open from breakfast to after-dinner. It offers an aperitif with colorful cocktails, platters, hearty salads, and music. All set against a breathtaking sunset that will give you all the joy of the sun and sea meeting. Every weekend features live music, craft markets, artistic ceramic exhibitions, and DJ sets.


Neibar Laboratorio

Distance from Dolce Vita: Venturina Terme 2 km – 4 minutes

A place totally out of the ordinary. An old service station in the center of the village. Reborn as a cultural and meeting experimentation space. It serves all kinds of aperitifs and a selection of dishes with world influences that change from night to night. Open all year round, it has a large equipped square perfect for letting children play and enjoying a lot of good music enriched with live events, markets, and exhibitions of photography, ceramics, and much more. Also great with furry friends in tow.


Il Barrino

Distance from Dolce Vita: Piombino 18 km – 20 minutes

Bar overlooking the archipelago under the castle of Piombino. Small bar with a delightful garden overlooking the beautiful Piazza Bovio and the Island of Elba. Excellent aperitifs and after-dinner drinks accompanied by snacks and a buffet. Always great music in a relaxed atmosphere. Live music on the weekends.


Bar’BQ agricolo IL SAL8

Distance from Dolce Vita: San Vincenzo 12 km – 15 minutes

Nestled in the park in a chic and vintage-inspired environment. In a relaxed and soothing atmosphere, where nature is a source of inspiration and contemplation, it offers a stunning view that extends to the sea with a perfect sunset. The Sal8 (meaning “salotto – living room”) is a Slow Wine Bar with refined cocktails made with artisanal syrups, a selection of wines and beers, where you can also order for dinner with a grill available. An not-so-economical aperitif but in a unique and very romantic location.


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