From Bartali to Magni, from Nencini to Ballerini… Tuscany is the land of cyclists, but more importantly, it’s a land made for cyclists! The Etruscan Coast, in particular, seems to have been created to be explored by bicycle. Countless trails and routes await riders. Whether you’re a Sunday cyclist or a true enthusiast, there are always new landscapes to discover, from medieval villages to hills, beaches, forests, and mountains. The bicycle is the ideal means to experience this ancient land in its original beauty.

For all cycling enthusiasts, beginners and experts alike, we can offer the perfect solution tailored to everyone’s needs. Whether you’re interested in simply renting a bike for a leisurely family ride or experiencing the thrill of organized tours and breathtaking routes, the right solution for your needs is at your fingertips.

Below are all the partners you can turn to independently or with our support.

Universo Bike

A wide range of bikes: city bikes, mountain bikes, and professional road bikes. Prompt delivery of traditional bikes and electric bikes, e-city bikes, and e-mountain bikes. Roberto and his staff are available for personalized quotes, guides, and bike rentals from the best brands. Contact: 3356130807

Bike Albatros

The rental is located inside the Park Albatros campsite in San Vincenzo (LI), but deliveries of reserved bikes can be made directly to the facility. They have numerous bikes of all sizes, from the largest to those for children, of various models: BMX, MTB, classic (Dutch bikes), up to road bikes and modern E-bikes.


MTB and e-Bike rental but above all, passionate guides who will help you discover the territory from new perspectives. There are adrenaline-pumping tracks built specifically for sports enthusiasts, and a beautiful track built for approaching a challenging and fun sport like downhill.


E-bike rental in Venturina Terme. Available 7 days a week just 2 km from the facility.

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