The spas of the Etruscan Coast offer healing treatments and well-being vacations.

In Venturina Terme, just a stone’s throw from medieval villages and the sea, springs with 36°C waters rich in sulfates, calcium, magnesium, and bicarbonate flow, known since Etruscan-Roman times.

Here, you can experience the Venturina Terme and the Calidario.

In Sassetta, hyperthermal sulfate-calcium water flows at 50°C with an average flow of about 200 liters/minute, nourishing the thermal structure of Cerreta.

The unique concentration of elements brings therapeutic effects to the respiratory system, skin, and musculoskeletal system.

Terme di Venturina

Distance from Dolce Vita: 1.3 km – 4 minutes

The Terme di Venturina offers two pools, one indoor and the other outdoor, directly fed by the thermal water from the Canneto spring, which flows at 36°C, warm, mineralized, and therapeutic.

The facility also provides hydrotherapy, thermal mud treatments, balneotherapy, and inhalation therapy in agreement with the National Health Service. Additionally, it connects the traditional thermal treatments with sectors dedicated to body wellness and aesthetics, offering standard or personalized packages.

For detailed information on thermal treatments and SPA services, please refer to the website.

Guest Convention Dolce Vita: €5 discount on entry to the thermal pools.

Proof of stay at the Dolce Vita facility is required.

Terme di Venturina ‘s website

Il Calidario Terme Etrusche

Distance from Dolce Vita: 1.7 km – 3 minutes

An ancient spring at 36°C that flows directly into the pool-pond with an average flow of about 12,000 liters per minute. Access is through heated changing rooms with a direct internal passage to the pond. Thanks to this feature, it’s possible to enjoy the benefits of the thermal pond throughout the year.

The center offers a SPA with an indoor Thermal Path and various aesthetic and wellness treatments.

Entry to Themarium is allowed for adults and includes a sauna, Turkish bath, aromatic cold showers, hydromassage waterfalls, and massage rooms.

The path has a duration of about 3 hours and allows access to the Thermal Spring.

Convention for Dolce Vita guests: €5 discount.

You must show the photo of the code displayed in the facility.

Calidario Terme Etrusche ‘s website

La Cerreta

Distance from Dolce Vita: 24.9 km – 34 minutes

A hidden treasure in the woods of Sassetta.

The Thermal Water, rich in sulfates, calcium, precious minerals, and trace elements, springs at a constant temperature of 49.6°C from the “Cerreta” source with an average flow of about 200 liters/minute.

The Thermal Path begins with the waterfalls of the central column, continues with cervical, dorsal, and plantar hydromassages for the beneficial and energizing reactivation of the trunk and lower limbs. The water flows along cascading channels that, starting from the hottest Calidarium pool, trickle down to reach the Frigidarium, the last outdoor pool in the facility.

Jets, splashes, and streams enhance the regenerating path for the body and mind, while the water mists in the air, creating a warm and healthy vapor.

Cerreta Terme di Sassetta‘s website

Tourist Medical Guard.

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